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no project is without its constraints, be they topographic, bugetary or imposed by external bodies, and it is within these boundaries that we strive to produce the best possible compromise between buildability, flexibility, aesthetics and cost of construction
we aim to provide a quality housing design service, balancing efficient internal room layouts with the demands of planning agencies for elevations offering a traditional architectural credibility

with nearly two decades of industry experience, we believe that we are well placed to resolve your housing design issues in the following areas
  • one off bespoke designs
  • production of housetype ranges
  • re design of existing housetypes
  • introduction of elevational themes across ranges

whilst the majority of our work is for the housing developer, we also have experience of remodelling existing dwellings for private individuals

our services include:

  • basic design
  • planning applications
  • building regulation approval

and can be tailored to suit individual requirements

the housing design consultancy limited